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Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Canadian Stockbroker© | TCS newswire™

The Canadian Stockbroker© | TCS newswire™: "America quoted from “THE REPUBLIC of EAST VANCOUVER” Issue #147 September 15 to 28, 2006

The American century draws to its close

Like all world-dominating empires before it, America has stopped growing. The rest is inevitable

By Dan Adleman

In the lead-up to the fifth anniversary of 9/11, George Bush went on vacation to his Crawford ranch, where, when he wasn’t playing cowboy, he apparently did a little light reading. One of the books we’re told he dusted off was Camus’ The Stranger, which The Daily Show’s John Stewart quickly pointed out is a story about an unreflective “westerner who kills an Arab for no good reason and dies with no remorse.” To a great many observers, this sounds like a fitting summary of not only the Bush legacy and America’s fate in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also what will become of Uncle Sam’s stature in the 21st century."

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Globe and Mail: Tremors may mean 'Big One' on its way

The Globe and Mail: Tremors may mean 'Big One' on its way: "By MARK HUME

Wednesday, September 14, 2005 Posted at 6:15 AM EDT

From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

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Vancouver — A silent tectonic event, so powerful it has shifted southern Vancouver Island out to sea, but so subtle nobody has felt a thing, is slowly unfolding on the West Coast.

Scientists who are tracking the event with sensitive seismographs and earth orbiting satellites warn it could be a trigger for a massive earthquake -- some time, maybe soon.

But they are quick to add that the imperceptible tremors emanating from deep beneath the surface are sending signals scientists are not yet able to comprehend fully and 'the Big One' might yet be 200 years off.

What they do know is that the earth is moving this week on the West Coast as two massive tectonic plates slip past each other."

Friday, September 16, 2005

First Associates Changes Name to Blackmont Capital: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

First Associates Changes Name to Blackmont Capital: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance: "Press Release Source: Blackmont Capital Inc.

First Associates Changes Name to Blackmont Capital
Friday September 16, 8:05 am ET

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - Sept. 16, 2005) - First Associates Investments Inc. announced that the company is changing its name to Blackmont Capital Inc. effective today.

'This is an exciting time for us,' said Stuart Raftus, President and Chief Operating Officer. 'We are eager to unveil our new name and logo and look forward to the opportunity to live up to our brand promise of becoming an elite firm that attracts the best in class.'"

Blackmont Capital; TCS Newswire; Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Blackmont Capital; TCS Newswire; Calgary, Alberta, Canada: "an independent investment dealer
dedicated to setting the new benchmark for the financial industry."

Monday, March 07, 2005

Red, Green, White, Black, Yellow and Purple. LING CHI

Wild Reishi is extremely rare. Only one or two mushrooms can be found on a hill. Due to damage by insects and weather, the quality of wild Reishi is unpredictable. Only the fruit body can be harvested, when the active ingredients have already decreased. The dried mushrooms may not have the potency of the fresh mushroom.
When buying wild Reishi, expertise is required in order not to confuse Reishi with the hundreds of other mushrooms (some of which are poisonous). After it matures, the fruit body is hardened by fibers which make it more difficult to extract and digest the active ingredients. The spores are of microscopic dimensions, similar to the size of bacteria. They are protected by two layers of hardened cell walls. These cell walls trap the active ingredients inside and are indigestible.

Although wild Reishi fruit body and the spores are all effective products, our ancestors had to use a large quantity of Reishi to get a little benefit. As it was impossible to cultivate, this rare mushroom was available only to emperors.

Modern bio-engineering technology has made Reishi available to the general public in large quantities. The quality can be carefully controlled by providing the best conditions and sufficient nutrients. Further investigations have discovered that the largest amount of active ingredients exists in the mycelium, and that the mycelium is more digestible. The extraction process can be timed at the precise stage when the mycelium contains the largest amount of active ingredients. Fresh mycelium is available, and there is no chance for mistaken identity. Without the obstacles of the fibers, the extraction is more complete and the extract is more digestible. Therefore, the latest research on the medicinal properties of Reishi is done on the mycelia extracts.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Michael Shane David

Michael Shane David: "ADVFN Headlines - latest news in your browser

ADVFN Headlines - latest news in your browser: 'Ancient earth drawings older than the country's Nazca lines, discovered in Peru
canada.com, 30 minutes ago

LIMA, Peru (AP) - Archeologists have discovered a group of figures scraped into the hills of Peru's southern coastal desert that are believed to predate the country's famous Nazca lines.'"

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

How to Save the World

How to Save the World: "# Identify the vulnerabilities: Fragility, overconcentration, ignorance, arrogance, lack of diversity, centralization, lack of redundancy, popular disgust, anxiety, dissatisfaction or apprehension, ill-preparedness, lack of agility, overcomplexity (left hand doesn't know what the right is doing), lack of imagination and creativity, etc."

Saturday, February 05, 2005

FireFox Rocks Canada Light a fire with the Fox's Tabbed Browsing. You will command one browser window and many url's in tabs.

Get Firefox!
Why Use Firefox?

“Beware of spyware. If you can, use the Firefox browser.” - USA Today

“Better than Internet Explorer by leaps and bounds.” - FORBES

  • Popup Events Blocking
  • Stop annoying popup ads in their tracks with Firefox's built in popup blocker.
  • Tabbed Ultra Browsing You'll be quick as a Fox , while finally in command.
  • View more than one web page in a single window with this time saving feature. Open links in the background so that they're ready for viewing when you're ready to read them. Find out more... if for no other reason this is the #1 reason to try the Fox
  • Privacy and Security
  • Built with your security in mind, Firefox keeps your computer safe from malicious spyware by not loading harmful ActiveX controls. A comprehensive set of privacy tools keep your online nightLife activity your business.
  • Smarter Search
  • Google Search is built right into the toolbar, and there is a plethora of other search tools including Smart Keywords (type "dict " in the Location bar), and the new Find bar (which finds text as you type without covering up anything).
  • Live Bookmarks
  • RSS integration lets you read the latest news headlines and read updates to your favorite sites that are syndicated. Find out more...
  • Hassle-Free Downloading
  • Files you download are automatically saved to your Desktop so they're easy to find. Fewer prompts mean files download quicker.
  • Fits Like a Glove
  • Simple and intuitive, yet fully featured, Firefox has all the functions you're used to - Bookmarks, History, Full Screen, Text Zooming to make pages with small text easier to read, etc.
  • S, M, L or XL—It's Your Choice
  • Firefox is the most customizable browser on the planet. Customize your toolbars to add additional buttons, install new Extensions that add new features, add new Themes to browse with style, and use the adaptive search system to allow you to search an infinite number of engines. Firefox is as big or small as you want.
  • Setup's a Snap
  • At only 4.7MB (Windows), Firefox takes just a few minutes to download over a slow connection and seconds over a fast connection. The installer gets you set up quickly, and the new Easy Transition system imports all of your settings - Favorites, passwords and other data from Internet Explorer and other browsers - so you can start surfing right away.
  • A Developer's Best Friend
  • Firefox comes with a standard set of developer tools including a powerful JavaScript and CSS error/warning console, and an optional Document Inspector that gives detailed insight about your pages.
  • Read Mail—Not Spam
  • Thunderbird is the perfect complement to Firefox.
" TAB " is finally not just another Cola.